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Protect yourself while conducting business virtually in the time of COVID-19 by following these steps:

Everyday Habits to Minimize Your Risk:

  • Use a password protection app such as Dashlane, LastPass, or Password Keeper
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication on every login
  • Don’t be “Click Happy”
  • If you see something say something
  • Backup, backup, backup, backup, backup
  • Don’t use public Wifi

You’re working from home, what can you do now?

  • Install Software Updates
  • Install Anti-Malware Updates
  • Uninstall unnecessary software
  • If your company or IT provider mandates using a VPN – Use it
  • Lock your computer access
  • Create a separate login if you share your computer
  • Use a surge protector and, if possible, a backup battery
  • Track and maintain borrowed equipment
  • Review data and privacy concerns, i.e. HIPPA, PCI
  • Verify your company’s disconnect procedures
  • Review file sync & share procedures

If you are unsure of how to do any of the above, please email us with your questions.

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