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Do you carry Cyber Security Insurance?
Cyber Security Insurance is rapidly becoming a necessity in every business owner’s tool kit. IT Providers are no exception. Not only is it an added layer of protection for their clients, but increasingly insurance providers are requiring specific security protocols to be in place before covering a business. When your IT Provider carries Cyber Security Insurance, you will know they have met a set list of security requirements and take security protection seriously.

Is your help desk in house or outsourced?
Many IT Providers outsource their help desk. When a client is calling or submitting a ticket their request may be going to a vendor that the IT Provider has hired. This is a common practice, and not necessarily a bad thing, however, it’s important as a business owner that you know who you are working with. If your IT Provider outsources their help desk, find out If their vendor is in the US. Be sure you know what their escalation process is – will your team get someone who can help right away or go through multiple escalations? What happens if I need onsite support? Ask what security protocols they have in place for that vendor and what is their security history, has that vendor ever had a data breach?

What is your rapid response plan in case of a data breach?
No matter how many precautions a business and IT Provider take a data breach is still a possibility. It’s important that your IT Provider has a rapid response plan that they can detail for you. Ask them what type of notifications procedures do they have? What criteria do they use to decide if a possible breach has taken place? What is the protocol to deal with a breach once it has been determined? What is the back to work plan? Knowing your IT Provider has a rapid response plan in place can minimize the uncertainty on business owners and their team.

How often do you test your backup recovery tools?
Most IT Providers provide some type of backup tool. A backup tool is only as good as it’s ability to enable a business to get back to work. Does your IT Provider test their backup solutions on a regular basis as well as simulate a backup recovery? How long would it take to get your business back up and running?

How can you keep my business protected?
Many IT Providers offer antivirus or antimalware solutions. However, the best approach is a layered approach. Ask your provider, what security protocols they have in place? How do they stay current on new security procedures? What tools do they layer into your monitoring to provide the most security?

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