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Computer & Network Security

Stay ahead of potential problems

Defend Your Network Against Even the Most Malicious Hackers

As the Internet continues to evolve and networks grow more complex, network security has become one of the most important security factors you must consider. Klos Consulting’s team of experts begins by evaluating your current infrastructure, then creates a strategic plan to implement network security solutions and services that align with your risk tolerance, compliance requirements, goals and more. Using a multi-layered approach that includes advanced hardware, software, policies and controls, we protect you from breaches of confidentiality, data loss and destruction, data manipulation and more.

What can Klos Consulting’s computer and network security do for you?

With more and more cybercriminals knocking at your door, you need a comprehensive plan to make sure they do not enter – that’s where Klos Consulting delivers.

Rest easy knowing we're protecting your network.

Control Access

Making sure only the right people access your network is important. Access control enforces security policies, blocks noncompliant endpoint devices and limits access by suspicious users.

Protect Your Apps

Your applications are a weak spot and a major target for attackers. Application security strengthens your weak spots, including hardware, software and processes.

Block Harmful Traffic

Keep your internal network safe from suspect outside networks. Firewalls set up a resilient barrier to block harmful Internet traffic and safeguard your systems, your employees and your organization.

Enhance Security

With virtual private networks, Klos Consulting adds an extra layer of security and protection to your private and public networks by encrypting connections from endpoints to your network.